The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy brings you a professional wrestling training experience like no other available in the United States. With twenty years of combined experience from all levels of the professional wrestling world, Colby Lopez, who performs as WWE’s Seth Rollins, and Marek Brave offer a unique opportunity to train your mind and body for a chance at a career in the sports entertainment industry.





Colby Lopez (who performs as Seth Rollins in World Wrestling Entertainment) is a top-level superstar who has held numerous prestigious titles in the wrestling industry. He has performed for audiences around the globe, gaining their respect and adoration along the way. Lopez is at the Black and Brave facility, training students in the ring throughout the entire twelve week process, giving hands-on attention in order to provide the highest quality training possible.



Marek Brave trained alongside Colby Lopez in 2004. Together, they traveled the United States as a team for many years before Brave suffered a serious injury which sidelined him for quite some time. After returning to in-ring competition, the independent wrestling veteran shifted his focus to providing knowledge to the younger members of the wrestling community.



Matt Mayday joined the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy in early 2015 as an Assistant Trainer. Matt has had a successful independent wrestling career for over 10 years. Matt has been great addition to the training staff providing a unique perspective.